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Five Things You Need To Know About Protein Supplements

The supplement industry is literally one of the most fiercely competitive yet highly rewarding industries on the face of the earth, generating billions upon billions in profit each and every single financial year. More and more of us are hitting the gym than ever before and as a result, not only are gym memberships up, […]
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The Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle And Increasing Your Strength

Hypothetically speaking of course, if you were given the chance to wake up the next morning with the physique of your choosing, which would you go for? A flabby, pasty, weak, and overweight body with scrawny arms and a beer belly, or a lean, ripped, muscular, powerful looking body that would make a Greek God […]
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How Much Protein Per Day Should You Be Having?

For anybody looking to get fitter and healthier, their diets should without question become one of the main priorities, alongside ensuring they get enough physical exercise and activity of course. The foods we eat on a daily basis play a number of key roles with various processes and functions within our bodies, yet for some […]
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6 Of The Top Endurance Supplements

When people talk about healthy living and supplementation, often they tend to focus on two things: Fat loss, and, muscle growth. Whilst both of which are extremely beneficial, people often tend to find themselves underestimating the importance of stamina and endurance. Remember, not everybody will have the same goals as you, which means that some […]
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What Should You NOT Take With Creatine

Anybody who’s anybody in the fitness community will no doubt already be well aware of the countless benefits associated with supplements and sports supplementation in general, not to mention the fact that they’ll be well clued up as to which supplements are the most, and least, effective. Although bodybuilding obviously requires many hours in the […]
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Four Simple Ways Of Beating Hunger And Suppressing Your Appetite

As far as things that suck are concerned, arguably the two biggest offenders are: dieting, and constantly being hungry as a result of dieting. Whilst dieting is sometimes necessary if we’ve allowed our weight to gradually increase little by little, it’s still not generally a very pleasant experience, especially if you don’t cope with hunger […]
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