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Is It Important To Have Carbs Post-Workout?

When it comes to working out and getting in shape, people with no real experience in the matter tend to think that training and exercising in the gym is the hardest part of the entire process, when in actual fact it’s the diet and nutritional aspect of things that many people struggle with. Utilising the […]
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What Is Carb Cycling? An In-Depth Guide

Individually, losing weight and building muscle is difficult, so to attempt to do both simultaneously will be incredibly tough, with only a select few individuals in the world being able to do so. Sure, we can burn fat and then build muscle by bulking up cleanly a few weeks later, but to simultaneously burn body […]
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Tips To Help Make Your Bodybuilding Contest Prep As Successful As Possible

Whereas in the past it used to be considered a pastime for freaks and dumb “meat heads”, nowadays bodybuilding is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the entire world, and for very good reason too. People that don’t truly understand bodybuilding, believe it to simply be no more difficult than drinking a […]
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8 Effective Ways to Increase Your Metabolism

The thought of dieting is the easiest thing in the world, when you’re full up after just having eaten a large meal that certainly wouldn’t be recommended by very many fitness experts. When you’re hungry and craving unhealthy junk food, which sadly, let’s face it, tastes pretty amazing, dieting becomes a whole new experience altogether. […]
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Should I Have Carbs For My First Meal Of The Day?

Building muscle and burning fat are both two incredibly complex and difficult processes that can take people years, even decades, to fully get to grips with just how tricky they really are. When it comes to building muscle, burning fat, and getting in shape, sadly, despite what magazines and questionable looking online ads may have […]
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How Do Carbohydrates Affect Testosterone Levels?

If you’re looking to bulk up and lean down, you’ll obviously be looking at, not only what you’re doing in the gym, but also, what you’re doing in the kitchen. By this, we don’t mean that you should be lifting weights and working out in your kitchens, we mean that you will need to be […]
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