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Seven Crucial Mass Gaining Tips

Even though summer is finally here for many of us, that doesn’t mean we get to take a break from training and can take things easy until it begins to get a little cooler in a few months. If you lift weights, there’s a good chance that you do so because you want to build […]
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Should I Have Carbs In The Last Meal Of The Day?

We all have different goals and targets in mind for our health and fitness, with many of these things being reflected with our training methods and our diets. The great thing about health and fitness, is that the entire concept is so diverse and can therefore be applied to people from all walks of life. […]
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What Supplements Should I Take Pre-Workout?

Many people ask the question, “What pre-workout supplements should I take before my workout?” To answer that question, we’ve touched on a few different options, some that work, and some that just don’t. Pre-Workout Carbohydrates If you want real pre-workout nutrition what you really need is a good carb source that will be converted into […]
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4 Of The Best Dietary Carb Sources

Ever since the infamous Atkins diet became so vastly popular not too long ago, it seems as if carbohydrates are now public enemy number 1, and in most people’s eyes, they’re to blame for the obesity pandemic sweeping the globe and costing governments billions upon billions in health care every single year. Whereas fat was […]
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When Is The Optimal Time To Have Carbohydrates During The Day?

When it comes to diet and nutrition, think of your body as a state of the art machine, an expensive supercar perhaps, and think of how you would expect that machine to be treated. If you owned a supercar, would you use cheap, cloudy, poor quality oil and fuel to power it, or would you […]
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How Should I Structure My Carb Intake On Workout Days?

Working out and training on a regular basis is absolutely fantastic, when your energy and motivational levels are through the roof. When you’re struggling to motivate yourself and find the energy to actually get off your butt and get some training done, well, then the entire experience is nowhere near quite as enjoyable. We all […]
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