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Four Muscle Building Secrets for Maximum Growth

Getting big, lean, and jacked is far from easy, and it is a process which requires a great deal of patience. Contrary to what certain online ads would have you believe, you can’t get big and jacked in a matter of days, or even weeks for that matter, as it can take several months of […]
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Poor Bodybuilding Habits To Avoid Making

Bodybuilding is a sport in which people are constantly learning, even IFBB pros who have been consistently entering and winning shows for decades upon decades. It is a sport in which only the very strongest will thrive, and we aren’t talking just physically either. If you are mentally weak, bodybuilding will break you sooner than […]
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Six Unique Tips For Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Although there are many fitness magazines and advertisers that would have us believe otherwise, in reality, bodybuilding nutrition is not simply a case of eating chicken breasts and rump steak with every meal, as there are plenty of alternatives to these very foods, and other similar foods as well. One of the most common bodybuilding […]
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The Harsh Realities Of Living With A Bodybuilder

If you live with a bodybuilder, it doesn’t matter whether they’re your: partner, child, parent, friend, or roommate, there are a few things you will need to know in advance. Bodybuilding, or at least, training like a bodybuilder and living like a bodybuilder, is now very much in fashion. Skinny is out, and being jacked […]
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Is Your Party Lifestyle Damaging Your Gains? – Potential Downsides

Bodybuilding is very much a sport of consistency, especially if you’re taking your training very seriously and are looking to compete in the near future. With bodybuilding, literally all it can take is one bad day to throw you off your game, so if you’re a fan of the party lifestyle that many would-be bodybuilders […]
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Gift Ideas All Bodybuilders Will Love This Holiday

With the holidays fast approaching, those of you who were sensible enough to not bother trying to brave the Black Friday sales, may now be panicking and struggling to decide on which gifts to purchase for your loved ones this Christmas. Whilst the holidays are all about giving gifts and showing people how much you […]
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