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Sample Pack - Premium Whey Protein Isolate

Sample Pack - Premium Whey Protein Isolate

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Protein Flavour: Chocolate Peanut Butter

SHIPPING NOTE: Samples are shipped through "Regular Mail" (2 per envelope). If you purchase more than 2 samples, you will receive multiple packages that may arrive at different times. You can also choose to pay for Shipping with a Tracking number (all samples in one package) for a fee of $9.99 for orders under $99 and free for orders over $99.

This is a sample of our Premium Whey Protein Isolate. Click the link to read the full product description.

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Great Product

This protein Powder is amazing! I like how it is unflavoured and unsweetened. Perfect to add to anything

First time protein powder user!
Finally, a protein powder that isn’t disgustingly sweet!

I picked up a sample of the unflavoured/unsweetened premium whey protein isolate for my morning smoothies after a friend shared she shopped here and it was exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t want anything flavoured or with a bunch or artificial sweeteners. I use about a half scoop in my morning smoothies (15g) and you can’t tell it’s there. I also added some to a bottle of chocolate milk while I was travelling for work a while back and it was a great alternative when I didn’t have access to my own kitchen. I haven’t yet used it in other recipes but like that it’s flavourless. Gives me options!

Krista Wadden
Chocolate peanut butter grass fed whey protein isolate

I love this product and would like to buy more of the chocolate peanut butter but it is never in stock. Do you know when it will be available? Thanks

Kim Lazaruik

Very good Protien