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It was ok. I guess I was hoping for a little more strawberry flavour.

Vegan Protein

Whey Protein Isolate
Elliot Gabler

Whey Protein Isolate

Micellar Casein
Luke Wedel

Micellar Casein

Great Flavor!

It's amazing on it's own - I typically have it post workout blended with a banana and ice, amazing. On it's own is great too.

Vegan Wife likes it.

I use whey and have never even tasted the vegan protein but the wife drinks it every day and keeps buying more.

Was this actually "third-party" tested?

There were no effects whatsoever for me. Complete waste of money.

Amazing taste

I love this protein powder. It tastes great. I’m trying so hard to not finish it before my other flavours but this one is a good one. Please bring it back!!

Mini eggs

The flavour was meh.

Limited Edition Chocolate Mini Eggs Whey Protein Concentrate

Tastes just like the candy

I was intrigued by the idea, but did not get my hopes up too high. But damn, you guys did a great job with this one. It tastes just like the store bought chocolate eggs. I highly recommend!

Route Package Protection

Package arrived on time.. happy!

Great protein

very happy with this product. It mixes well and a smoothie and adds healthy protein to my breakfast. well purchase again.

Flavour is strong

I typically buy the concentrate or Isolate proteins but always in unflavoured and unsweetened. Which is truly the case in these proteins. I bought the unflavoured and unsweetened pea protein which has an extremely strong flavour that no matter what was added to the smoothie it doesn’t cover that flavour at all.
I will be going back to concentrate or isolate whey because they truly are unflavoured and unsweetened.

Stephen Cooksey
Good Stuff!

Mixes well with my daily unflavored whey concentrate ... also from Canadian Protein. :)

Getting Back Into Shape - Support Canadian

Love the products and taste. Getting back into shape and had to grab some goodies. Wish peanut butter flavour wasn’t out of stock :(

Ivan Holderness


Route Package Protection

Route Package Protection

Good product, good value.

To paraphrase Ben Kingsley as Col. Behrani in the House of Sand and Fog... many people are like children, forever seeking a sweet taste in the mouth.

Are you really blowing out your gut microbiome with artificial sweetener (and thereby risking your gains) just because you need to drink candy?

Practice Asceticism by mastering your appetite.
Self-Realize, and choose the way of Overcoming.
Embrace Discipline, and eat unflavored, unsweetened protein powder.

Canadian Protein provides a quality product and many ways to generate a discount, which I value.

Whey Protein Isolate
Jessica Doyle
Absolute Favourite

This has been our favourite product! All the flavours are fantastic and a staple in our home!

Orange BCAAs

Flavor is almost undrinkable. Tried the fruit punch before and it was much better

Quick shipping

Just started taking protein powder. I took vanilla and then unflavoured. Works perfectly in my smoothies.