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Amazing flavours, very yummy

Bad Aftertaste

Bought Canadian Protein for the first time hoping to switch to a new protein provider, but both bags have a gross after taste to them. Gonna have to suffer through these bags sadly

Great Protein

Mixes great all by itself and amazing in smoothies too!

Whey Protein Isolate
Shawn Miller
Excellent product

Love this protein. Eager to try the other flavours!

So far so good.

It’s been a couple weeks. I am not consistent with taking them, but when I do, I notice more energy and it helps keep me “flushed” ;)

Blue Raspberry and Pineapple BCAA’s

They are so good. Like SO SO good!

Vitamin D3
Yuma Sudo

Vitamin D3

Darren Krushel

Very good quality and a good price.

Similar taste, but all enjoyable

I bought samples for salted camamel, cinnabun, canadian maple, mocha, and tbh they all taste kinda similar with subtle differences. All enjoyable though.

Too early to say - Just started taking these 7 days ago

I've only been taking these for one week so I think a little early to say for sure the impact/difference the product is making for me. I have had some pretty good workouts these last couple days but again early to tell is it's linked to taking HMB or other factors (ie: menstrual cycle, getting over a virus). Otherwise product has nice & simple packaging, not oversized, and the capsules are easy to take. I've been taking them midday prior to my afternoon workout.

Alex M
Great dextrose

Allows me to mix my own custom fueling for different lengths and intensities of events very economically. 😃👍

Love it!

Love this protein, we get the stevia sweetened one.

I love this protein but am tired of price gouging

I used to purchase Grass Fed NZ Whey ISOLATE and the price stayed constant for years at $139.99CAN for 5kg
From 2016 to early 2020 it stayed at $139.99 then my next order in June of 2020 they stopped selling 5kg bags and switched to 6kg bags for $169.99.
- However in 2021 is when the price gouging started and the 6kg bags of ISOLATE went up to $194.99 and all the other sizes 1kg, 2kg, 10kg and 20kg jumped up in price as well. 1kg ($44.99), 2kg ($79.99) 10kg ($279.99), 20kg $559.99
CanadianProtein posted this article blaming the price increases on Covid which may have been partially true but I don't believe Covid or Ukraine were to blame for all the following price increases. That is just greed and taking advantage of a situation to price gouge.

- The next jump in price was in early 2022 when the 6kg bag of ISOLATE went up to $219.00, 10kg went up to $349.99 and 20kg went up to $679.99 while 1kg and 2kg prices remained the same as they were in 2021

- Then in August 2022 I went to purchase more NZ Whey ISOLATE protein and the price now jumped up again:
1kg - $64.99, 2kg - $119.99, 6kg - $319.99, 10kg - $379.99, 20kg - $749.99
THESE PRICES ARE FOOLISH and I refuse to pay this much so I had to switch to NZ Whey CONCENTRATE

*** NZ Whey CONCENTRATE prices were jumping up as well. In April of 2022 it was $34.99 for 1kg bag, $59.99 for 2kg and $159.99 for 6kg THEN in August 2022 they jumped up to $44.99 for 1kg, $79.99 for 2kg and $214.99 for 6kg which is when I started noticing CanadianProtein started offering time limited sales so now I have to go without protein or stock up until the next good sale comes along

Even though their prices have stabilized since August 2022 I still feel that CanadianProtein as well as other big companies have price gouged us and took advantage of Covid, Ukraine and inflation to exaggerate their losses and drive up prices.
----> I would like to see CanadianProtein's profits this year to prove my point.
Loblaws has been accused and proven to be price gouging on more than one occasion since Covid and here is their latest:

Best product overall

Premium Whey Protein Isolate

Love this protein

This protein is great by itself but also for cooking and in shakes. The chocolate peanut butter and cappuccino flavours are delicious. Maybe pass on the salted caramel. Will buy again.

Protein Coffee
Meghan McConnell
Never received it to try it

First my parcel was lost. Then it was dropped off at the fed ex office, despite the fact I communicated I had no car and needed it delivered to my building. So now I’m just waiting for FedEx to return it to them, because they won’t return my money until then.

Michael Grey
Very good quality

It looks like the powder is of very good quality, plus the bag does not smell of plastic chemicals, which I have found with some powders from other companies & the price is good too. Will buy again.

Whey Protein Isolate
Lubos Miklosik

Whey Protein Isolate

It’s the best

Really good

My favourite protein

Long time customer with Canadian Protein, I have had this protein before and loved it, will continue to order from them. Quality products, quick shipping and easy website for ordering everything I need

Citrulline Malate
napoleon enriquez

Citrulline Malate

Vegan Protein
David Najgoldberg
Great as usual

Love this balanced, high-quality vegan protein powder. Taste is great, but more importantly I like that it’s made from multiple protein sources and doesn’t just rely on pea protein as the main source.

Vanilla and chocolate milk

Chocolate milk tastes good but vanilla is way too sweet and has this “medicine” after taste.

Prices have increased like crazy

Its ok stuff, it does foam up and taste is nothing special but apparently gets the macros in.
Canadian Protein used to be a lot better value, about a 30% increase over last year, im close to returning to Popeye's