Canadian Protein Advantage

Canadian Protein Quality has quality that is second to none. Our raw product is tested for purity so that even before production starts we know our raw material is the highest quality. After production is it then tested again to ensure that each finished product meets label claims and is safe for consumption and meets all cGMP regulations.

Canadian Protein Taste Test Approved has been touted as the best tasting protein time and time again. This is possible because we use premium ingredients in order to bring you the best taste possible, period. We do this by sourcing only the best, regardless of cost, and countless hours testing formulas until we arrive at the best possible situation.

Canadian Protein Packaging utilizes affordable packaging so you don't have to pay higher premiums. We use simple labels and food grade mylar bags in order to reduce costs to you the lowest prices possible.

Canadian Protein Marketing does not take part in expensive and flashy marketing gimmick and sales tactics in order to weasel our way into your wallet. Instead the bulk of our advertising comes from word of mouth marketing by people telling other people they know about the positive experience they had buying from us and our products.

Canadian Protein Everyday Low Prices is proud that we do our best to offer you everyday low prices, period. You won't be bombarded by hundreds of emails for this sale and the next with inflated prices just to get you to think you are getting a good deal, all of our products are a great deal, all of our products are a great value everyday!

Canadian Protein Value's value is unmatched. When you shop with us, you know you are getting cGMP certified products and most of all, you are only paying for the product and that's it. You're not paying for a pro bodybuilder that says "he or she takes it" and that's why they look the way they look, you're not paying for fancy packaging to look good on a shelf, and you're not paying for watered down products full of label fluff.

Everything we do is to bring Canadians the best product for the best value, PERIOD! And that's our promise to you!