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EZ Barbell 10kg (22lbs)

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About this item

  • Made of high-grade steel: The GymLife® EZ Barbell is welded using commercial-grade high-quality steel. The finish of the steel is  a sleek silver finish that prevents oxidation and rust. 
  • Graded to up 450 lbs:  The GymLife® EZ Barbell has a heavy duty design that allows for use up to 450 lbs. 
  • Ergonomic design:  The GymLife® EZ Barbell is ergonomically designed to reduce stress on the wrist joints and is perfect for exercises such as curls and skullcrushers. The total barbell length is 47.2" and the ends are 2" in diameter, which is standard with most weight plates. The knurling on the barbell allows for strong grip without causing calluses.