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Canadian Protein Third Party Testing

Everything we do at Canadian Protein we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking outside the box. We believe in the evolution of the supplement market and in order to evolve you must innovate.

We believe we are the brand to bring trust back into the supplement market by offering complete transparency and confirming our quality for our customers.

From this point on all finished product third party test results from Canadian Protein will be available to you in real time* when you purchase our products.

* Please allow seven days after receiving your product for testing to populate.


Online Testing

You can view our product tests online using our online testing tool at the link below.

Online Testing Tool


Canadian Protein App for Android and iOS

In order to access our third party test results please download our app (available for iPhones and Androids named "Canadian Protein") with a lot number text box and QR code scanner built in where all product test results can be entered and viewed.

Download the Canadian Protein App on Android
Download the Canadian Protein App on iOS
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What do the tests mean?

Compound ID

The sample is analyzed and compared to a database of known standard reference materials and final product formulas. An algorithm determines the percent match of the unknown sample to a known compound or formula in the database.

Total Protein

This test determines the total protein content of an unknown sample.

Amino Spiking Analysis

This test determines if there are any suspicious amino acids or materials added to the formulas.


Samples are tested for total aerobic count (TAC), yeast and mold (YM), E-coli (EC), salmonella (SAL), or staph A (SA).

Heavy Metal

Samples are tested for heavy metals capable of detecting concentrations as low as 0.02 parts per million.

Disclaimer: this initiative is brand new and there will be a lead time for some products that do not have their test results uploaded to our database and will not be available for viewing.