Introducing Meal Prep

Introducing Meal Prep

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After working on this behind the scenes for a very long time, Canadian Protein is very excited to announce our meal prep option! Our meal prep line was designed with the busy, fitness enthusiast in mind. But not only that - we designed it with the foodies in mind too! Whatever your dietary preference - keto, IIFYM, vegan, vegetarian - we have meals that are right for you. All of the meals are under 600 calories and with excellent macro splits allowing you to build muscle and get lean. 

About the Chef: 

Donald Ouellette is a Red Seal ® Certified chef with over 30 years of experience. He has worked as an executive chef for the better part of two decades. Chef Donald, his sous-chef Jeremy, and the rest of his staff are committed to providing the highest quality of meal prep on the market. Chef Donald is also Founder and CEO of Joyful Lynne, a spice and seasoning company built on the foundation of Chef Donald’s experience in the industry. All of the Canadian Protein Meal Prep meals are seasoned with Joyful Lynne spices. 

About the Food: 

Canadian Protein Meal Prep is dedicated to providing the freshest ingredients to our consumers. The vegetables are sourced from local farmers and grown close to home in Essex County. Our chefs select grass-fed and free-range meats wherever possible. The sauces are made without preservatives with whole ingredients. Our intention behind designing these meals was to take 5-star cooking and make it healthy, affordable, and convenient. You will notice that the food tastes like it came straight from the kitchen at a fine-dining restaurant after you warm-up your meal. The reason we are able to do this, is that the ingredients are cooked to a certain point, then sealed immediately, designed for the microwave or boiling water to finish off the final part of the cooking process. This leaves the food tasting fresh and the meats tasting juicy, not dry and overcooked. 


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